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There's  nothing like being kissed by someone who means business. When's the last time you kissed your husband like YOU meant it?

Show Romance and Love in your Kisses.

Kiss Quotes
Our favorite Quotes about romantic kissing.

How to Seduce Your Husband
Are you ready to knock his socks off? Want to put some more fire into your marriage?

Different Types of Kisses
What type of kisser are you?

Kiss throughout History
Where'd kisses come from, anyway?

Humor: The Art of Kissing

What is that feeling of love people get from a good kiss that's so hard to explain? How does kissing come into play when being romantic?

Women often compare a good kiss to "melting butter" and like being "hit by a wave".

Men often describe a good kiss as similar to "vibrations at a concert".

Experts have proven there is a lot of physiology behind the warm and fuzzy feelings of love that come from a good kiss.

Feelings of romantic love, and kissing, stimulate the same type of brain activity as many sports, such as: parachuting, bungee jumping and distance running, for example.

So, next time you feel romantic and want to show your love to someone special, go for that wonderful kiss -- it will definitely leave a lasting impression!