Romantic Ideas and Tips


Put Romance in Marriage.
Romance Your Husband Today!

You Promised to Love and Honor (and sometimes Obey) -
Your Husband, Your Friend, Your Partner

You married your husband for a reason, and committed to spending your life with him. If he's a good man, and a good husband, and helps you take care of the children (at least occasionally), and treats you well, then invest in your marriage. Romance Your Husband!

"Til death do us part" can be a LONG time. It's worth your time and energy to make a good life together by putting romance in your marriage.

Here's my huge disclaimer: I am not a Psychologist, nor am I a Marriage Therapist. This site is meant for women who are in respectful, healthy relationships to find fun ways put romance in their marriages. 

Translation: If your husband is a jerk, then this won't work! Seek the help of a Therapist as soon as possible.

That being said, let's have fun putting the romance back into our marriages!