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Photographs of your Wedding Vow Renewal

When you look back on your wedding vow renewal in the years to come, your photographs will be all you have to remember your special day. While photography can be expensive, understanding that it will be the most valuable gift you can give yourself and your family will help to rationalize the expense.  Getting the best photographs possible can be accomplished  easily, and the following steps will assure you of quality photos of your Vow Renewal day.

First, you should always hire a professional photographer.  A professional will provide you with better service than an amateur or friend might.  He or she will get to your event on time, be able to instruct your guests and organize them for pictures much more efficiently. The more experience your photographer has, the better.

Another reason to use a professional is the overall quality of the pictures.  Most use their own labs to produce pictures, and adhere to  high standards of print quality.

Finding a quality professional  photographer can take a little bit of time.  You should research websites and study the photos from these sites.  You should also talk with the photographer, preferably in person, to get a feel for him or her and to see if you are on the same page as to what you want.  Once you find someone you like, you can discuss the specifics of what it is you want for your wedding vow renewal.  It is also a good idea to see samples of complete weddings that you photographer has taken, as several samples from different weddings do not really demonstrate fully what the photographer will present to you.

When you are ready to finalize your choice, be very careful to get everything in writing, even the name of the photographer you  have chosen.  It is not uncommon for the larger companies to sub contract their work to less experienced photographers, and you will want to be sure that you get the person you are wanting to work with.  You also want to be sure that you are speaking and working with an actual photographer and not a salesperson.  Sometimes this is not made clear, and confusion and frustration on your event day can result.

If you are limited by budgetary concerns, there are always ways that you can compromise and still have quality photos of your wedding renewal.  You can opt for a professional to take posed portraits, and give each table a disposable camera for more fun,  relaxed shots.  This will cut down on the amount of time your professional photographer will take, and also cut the cost of  his or her bill.  Try to remember that  you will have to pay for quality, and if you cut too much from your photography budget you may regret it for years to come.