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Vow Renewal Beauty Tips

Preparing for your vow renewal or marriage renewal begins long before the big day itself.  You'll want to look your most beautiful on the day you renew your vows to your husband.  Here are some steps you can take, starting well in advance of the big day that will ensure you are at your most beautiful and radiant on your special day:

A month to two month before your event. 

See your makeup artist for a trial session. You can experiment with different colors and kinds of makeup to find the ones that create the effect you desire.  This will give you plenty of time to find just the right hairstyle to go with your makeup.  If you have never had your eyebrows professionally shaped, the few weeks prior to your renewal would be a great time to start. 

Test various home facials or salon facial treatments. Do not risk an adverse reaction on the morning of your renewal.  You will have plenty of time to find the perfect facial that will give you the results you want on your big day. 

If you want sparkling, white teeth on your wedding day, you can use whatever whitening product you desire.  You should begin using the teeth whitening products at least a month before the wedding.

Two weeks before the renewal.

Get a final trim or haircut. This is not the time to experiment with new styles or make radical changes. 

Keep in mind that if you practice healthy eating habits for several weeks prior to your wedding, your skin will look fresh and radiant on your renweal day and you will feel great.  Drink a lot of water to keep your skin healthy and clear and make sure you get enough exercise. 

Now is the time to touch up your hair color as well. 

A week before the marriage renewal.

Get a bikini wax and a final shaping of your eyebrows.  If you can afford a massage, by all means get one. 

Do your final facial a day or two before the wedding to give your skin time to recover. 

The day before the renewal.

Condition your hair, exfoliate your skin, and have a professional manicure and pedicure.  You will look and feel wonderful on the day of your vow renewal if you take simple steps to prepare yourself in advance of the big day.