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Wedding Vow Renewal Dress

You know that you want to look beautiful on your wedding vow renewal day.  You’ve envisioned yourself in the perfect vow renewal dress, your husband's eyes looking only at you as you walk down the aisle. Now, the time has come for your vow renewal.  How do you find the dress that is perfect for you? 

Finding the right dress can seem overwhelming.  There are so many styles to choose from, and so many different places to look.  Every dress you find seems so beautiful and perfect,  You can easily begin to wonder if you will ever be able to sift through so many great choices. 

However, keep in mind that these dresses are on models, who all have above average bodies.  What looks great on the model may not be flattering for you. We each have our own shapes and sizes, and your vow renewal dress should compliment your best features so you can feel beautiful and confident on your big day.  This is why it is important to try on as many dresses as you possibly can.  Even if you think you don’t like a particular style, try it on anyway.  You might be surprised by how it looks on you. 

Likewise, if you have fallen in love with a particular style of dress, you may be very disappointed when it doesn’t look the way you want it to on you.  It is important to keep an open mind while doing your initial search for a dress.  A good way to start is to go to a large dress shop or bridal shop and spend an hour or two literally trying on every dress you see.  Bring along a digital camera and a friend and have her take pictures of the dresses you like, but don’t buy your dress just yet - you have more work to do.

Once you have an idea of the style of dress that best suits you, you can now search for the best price for that dress.  You can search online, or at local shops, whatever you choose.  You will want to be able to shop around and compare prices as they may differ greatly depending on where you are.

As you’ve tried on so many dresses, you may notice that you don’t really look your best in white.  Don’t be afraid to choose an off white or a cream color if it gives your skin more radiance.  After all, not many people look great in stark white!

The more you search, the more likely you will find the dress that is perfect for you.  Many dresses have matching headpieces and veils, but it is perfectly okay to mix and match to your own liking. When you find the right wedding vow renewal dress for you, , you will know it, so be patient and that perfect dress will show itself to you!