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Romantic Picnic Ideas

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Contrary to popular opinion, romance doesn’t take a hike when you get married.  Married couples need romantic getaways as well.  If you have kids, your getaway may be a little closer to home, but it can still be romantic.  Try these romantic picnic ideas to add some spice to your marriage.

Who said that a picnic had to occur outdoors?  How about a picnic in your bedroom?  Set the scene.  Cover the bed with a red and white gingham cloth tablecloth.  Setting out scented candles on the dressers and around the bed smells romantic. 

If your romantic bedroom picnic is a breakfast affair, prepare the night before.  Arranging everything needed for the meal leaves more time for special extras like arranging fresh flowers around the bedroom and preparing the picnic basket.  You may have to wake a bit early to have time to yourselves, but it will be worth it.

For married couples with children, a romantic picnic may have to take place after the kids have gone to bed.  But, while they are still awake, go ahead and get everything ready so that the relaxation can begin as soon as their heads hit the pillow.  Both of you can snuggle up to your favorite romantic movie while you nibble.

If you both enjoy the great outdoors, pack a hearty picnic lunch and head off to the lake or the nearest hiking trail.  At the lake, take a leisurely boat ride or a romantic swim together to work up an appetite.  You can enjoy the meal in the boat or on the shore while you dry off in the sun.  Since alcohol, water, and sun don’t mix, enjoy a large refreshing glass of homemade iced tea.

A hike in the mountains can leave you standing at the top when the sun sets.  Spread out your blanket and share a special meal while the sun goes down.  Make sure you can find your way back to your car or campsite before dark.

Have a sunroom in your house?  Move the furniture to the corners and put comfy cushions on the floor.  On a clear night, watch the moon and stars from the comfort of your home with the person you love.  Toast the night sky with champagne and strawberries or cheese, bread, and wine.  Include a blanket so that you can cuddle up together.  If you fall asleep, that’s okay too.

Picnics are fun for married couples wanting a romantic moment.  For you, time away from it all with your spouse is the ultimate reward.  Plan a picnic today.

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