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Romantic Evening

Plan a Romantic Evening His Way

So maybe you aren’t the most romantic person according to Cosmo. Get rid of the fear you have.

We are planning a romantic night his way.

1) Set the stage.
You are going to plan a barbeque. Clean the yard. Place a few flowers around the porch. Get the grill ready. Put blankets in the yard for people to sit if you don’t have enough chairs for your guest.

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2) Call the guests.
It is time to invite some guest over. This can not be your choice of friends. Make sure you are inviting people that he likes to be around. Invite your neighbors or an old friend of his that is hitched also. If they ask to bring something delegate away. Ask them to bring paper goods or appetizers. Remember to make the night as simple as it can be.


3) Fix yourself up.
It is time to remind your hubby why he married you. You are to take a nice bubble bath. Shave those legs. Paint your fingernails. Fix your hair. You are not allowed to wear sweats or cotton panties.

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4) Have fun.
Set up things to do. Play basketball against the couples. Play music in the background. Play cards. The key is to have fun.

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5) End the night in the arms of the man you love.
Don’t make this a night of impressing the guest. Make this a night of bliss for you and your spouse.