Romantic Ideas and Tips


How to Flirt with your Husband

It is rather difficult to be romantic without first flirting. But, sometimes we forget how much we used to enjoy flirting with our husbands.

Enjoy yourself and have fun:

Be playful, light-hearted and above all, be spontaneous. Show that you can be vulnerable.


Everyone loves to be heard and when you are a good listener your husband will be drawn to you.

"The eyes are the window to the soul" Pablo Neruda:

How many times in a day do you really look at your husband? Try it now. Look your husband in the eyes for a few seconds like you mean it.

Show your beautiful smile:

Everyone is attracted to a genuine and heartfelt, smile.

Remember when...

What did it feel like to fall in love with your husband? Remember holding hands and softly kissing him like there was all the time in the world? Hold onto that feeling and flirt like you mean it.

Go flirt with your husband today!

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

What is flirtation? Really,
How can I tell you that?
But when she smiles I see its wiles,
And when he lifts his hat.

'Tis walking in the moonlight,
'Tis buttoning on a glove,
'Tis lips that speak of plays next week,
While eyes are talking love.

'Tis meeting in the ball-room,
'Tis whirling in the dance;
'Tis something hid beneath the lid
More than a simple glance.

'Tis lingering in the hallway,
'Tis sitting on the stair,
'Tis bearded lips on finger-tips,
If mamma isn't there.

'Tis tucking in the carriage,
'Tis asking for a call;
'Tis long good-nights in tender lights,
And that is--no, not all!

'Tis parting when it's over,
And one goes home to sleep;
Best joys must end, tra la, my friend,
But one goes home to weep!