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Essential Oils for Romance

 It's hard to feel very pretty, feminine, relaxed or romantic when you are doing laundry or cleaning up after the kids. The hours of work for any mom don¹t stop when she punches the timeclock at the office either. But don¹t think that it¹s a picnic when you work at home. Statistics have shown that the hours of work are actually doubled when you are a WAHM.

 Keeping a marriage or relationship healthy requires a lot of work and attention and it just seems that there is not enough time in a day to attend to all your household chores, much less your personal life also. Just how can a tired and stressed mom transform herself into a relaxed, romance minded woman ready to have some quality snuggle time with her man?

 Aromatherapy is an inexpensive and easy way for your average working mom to make this magic transformation and get her thoughts focused away from work and onto setting the mood for romance. But which essential oils should you use and how exactly can you use them?

 Jasmine: This exquisite oil is gathered from Jasmine flowers only at night when the scent is the highest. It¹s long been considered to have aphrodesiac properties and has an emotionally warming, sensous scent that soothes away stress and general anxiety, leaving you with a calm, uplifted and relaxed mood. Jasmine is really concentrated so use it only in small amounts but you can mix it with any other floral essential oil and get wonderful results.

 Lavender: This is one of the most versatile of all the essential oils. Lavender is distilled from flowers, the best coming from the Provence region of France. Lavender is useful in lots of ways- it¹s both relaxing and refreshing, uplifting and calming, balancing and refreshing. Whether you are feeling stressed and tired or just need a boost to your feminine spirits by feeling pretty, lavender is the oil to use.

 Patchouli: This earthy, exotic sensuous fragrance comes from Indonesia. Because it is so soothing to the skin and has a strong base, it is used in many perfumes and high priced skin care productsFor an exceptional Romantic blend, use Patchouli with Sandalwood, Lavender, Rose or Ylang Ylang.

 Rose: Rose has long been considered the Queen of Oils and prized for it¹s sensuous and aphrodesiac properties. After all, it¹s no accident that roses are the universal flower symbol for love. It¹s exquisite aroma can easily overpower other essential oils so use in small amounts when blending. Rose Otto can be very expensive though so look for Rose Absolute, a less expensive diluted version that still is powerfully fragrant.

 Sandalwood: This oil is thought to have been used as much as 4000 years ago as a perfume and aphrodesiac.. It has a rich, sweet, buttery aroma that is very sensual. Creates an exotic, soothing base that blends wonderfully with rose, jasmine, lavender, ylang ylang and especially patchouli.

 Ylang Ylang: Pronounced different ways; Œlang lang¹ or Œe-lang e-lang¹ the most often used. This exotic, smooth and sensual oil is ideal for promoting relaxation and to lift your spirits. It is used as a base note in many commercial perfumes and blends well with just about everything.

 You won¹t go wrong using any combination of these essential oils to change your mind set and your mood from work to play. Here are some suggestions for how to put your new romantic essential oil blends to good use:  Put a few drops in a warm bath right before you get in it or add the essential oils to some sweet almond or apricot oil for a moisturizing, scented bath oil. Put a drop or two on your hands and run it through your hair to keep the scent literally right under his nose when smooching with your sweetie. Use the essential oil blended with the sweet almond or apricot  as a perfume oil and apply it liberally in all the good places. (don¹t forget the back of your knees and the small of your back.  :-)

 To get that romantic ambiance going in your house, add some drops to a humidifier, a tart warmer or a tealight aromalamp to diffuse the scent into a room. Or put 10-15 drops of EO blend in a spray bottle and mist your sheets and bedroom. If that doesn¹t put you in the mood and take your mind off of work, I don¹t know what will!

 Creating your own unique essential oil fragrance is as close as your nearest health food store or online supplier. Just remember that essential oils are very concentrated so DO NOT put them right under your nose to take a big whiff. Your poor nose will be overpowered by the scent molecules and you¹ll have trouble smelling or tasting anything but that fragrance for hours!

 You can buy small bottles of essential oils that will last you for months, a great value considering you blend them by the drop. Be sure to keep essential oil blends in glass bottles though because the oils themselves will erode plastic. If all of this sounds too much like chemistry class to you, check out the essential oil blends and perfume oils at

 Whichever way you decide to go, don¹t overlook aromatherapy as a very effective way to make the transition from working woman to femme fatale. And don¹t forget that it works to relax and refocus men too.


 Buffy Hall, RN Ret. worked as an registered nurse for 12 years in labor & delivery and home health areas before retiring in 1993 due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. She is a long time student of natural healing and alternative therapies and practices many of them in the management of her own chronic illness.
 She is also the owner and Soaper-in-Chief of BodyBubbles, specializing in handmade cold process soaps, natural skin care and home spa aromatherapy products. Visit her website at  or contact her anytime at